Welcome to the Family of Man Council

The Family of Man Council 7566, chartered on May 1, 1980, and located in Reston, VA, is a vibrant part of the St. John Neumann Catholic Community. Our council currently has over 250 members who participate in a variety of events throughout the year. It goes without saying that our most visible parish event is the monthly charity breakfast, where the Knights serve up a pile of pancakes, sausages and eggs for the fellowship of the community, and all voluntary donations go to a variety of charities. There are other events the council participates in that are quite visible, but on top of it all, we exemplify our ideals of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.

PGK Chris Gallagher describes the history of the Knights and the activities of our council in the following video.

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Bishop Burbidge on the Knights of Columbus