Family of Man Council Participates in a Marian Homes Revitalization Project

Brother Knights from our Family of Man (FOM) Council #7566 participated with other Brother Knights from the St. Mary of Sorrows Council #8600 in a revitalization project of a home purchased by Marian Homes from 17-19 January 2016.

Marian Homes, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization was created by Council 8600 in 1997 with the mission of owning and maintaining houses used as group homes for intellectually disabled adults. Earlier this month Marian Homes completed the purchase of a house in Fairfax City. It is their fourth house which will be known as, “Mother of Mercy” and, after significant renovation, will be used as the residence for five intellectually disabled individuals who are now residing at the Northern Virginia Training Center (NVTC) which is scheduled to be closed by the Commonwealth of Virginia sometime this year.

Our FOM Knights project was to assist the St. Mary of Sorrows Council in the demolition of their new property in preparation for its renovation. The following Knights of our Council participated:
- on Thursday, Jan 14 – Bob Balog, Frank Francoise, Mickey Frank and Steve Saiget;
- on Friday, Jan 15 – Ed Grace, Mickey Frank, Tom McFarlane, John White and Tom Zorn

Two other brother Knights, Tom Broderick and Pat Riley, volunteered to work on Saturday but the Marian Homes Project Manager excused our volunteers for that day as almost all the necessary work was accomplished on Thursday and Friday. Our Knights represented about 25% of the work force during the course of those two days and was deemed an excellent team (Knights helping Knights) effort.

Re-construction on the house should begin by April 1 as they await approval of the building permits. The residents are scheduled to move on in early June.

There are approximately 900 disabled people throughout the State of Virginia that needs housing in the future with about 60 severely disabled in NVTC, the institution operated by the state for the disabled. It is expected that some of the residents of the new house to come from NVTC.