Family of Man Council Sir Knights Serve As Honor Guard for Bishop Loverde

From left: SK John Bradley, SK Bob Balog, SK Steve Saiget, SK Rafael Gonzalez, and SK Emer Credo.
Bishop Paul Loverde at the end of Mass

Two members of our Family of Man Council 7566 Sir Knights had the honor to serve as members of the Honor Guard for Bishop Paul Loverde who was the celebrant for the Diocese of Arlington’s final day of SIMBANG GABI (Filipino Advent 9-day Novena Masses) that was held at St. John Neumann Catholic Church on December 23, 2015.

Sir Knight Bob Balog and Sir Knight Steve Saiget joined Sir Knights John Bradley from Christ The Redeemer, Sir Knight Emer Credo from St. Theresa and Sir Knight Rafael Gonzalez during the blessed event by escorting Bishop Loverde and Fr. Tom Murphy during the evening Mass.