May 2018 Charity Breakfast


The Knights of Columbus will host their monthly Charity Fundraising Breakfast on Sunday, May 6, from 8:30 to 11:00am. This month, the designated charity is Specially Adapted Resource Clubs (SPARC).

SPARC provides a unique day support program for young adults with life-long disabilities. SPARC believes that every person has a right to fully participate in their community. With appropriate supports, isolation from the community can be changed to inclusion in the community.

The SPARC program is designed as a club - a place that belongs to the participants as club members. The young adults who come to SPARC had few options for employment or recreation after high school graduation. Now, rather than sitting at home with nothing meaningful to do during the day, they are learning new skills and contributing to their community in three clubhouse locations (Fairfax, McLean and Reston). The learning activities we present in the clubhouses support outcomes of independence, vocation exploration, and opportunities for community service.

Employment is a goal for many members who have learned new skills in the clubhouse program. While they feel ready to seek a job, there are challenges to overcome and new skills to develop to be successful in vocation. SPARC Works, our new vocational training program, is a focused two-year hands-on program taught by highly trained social workers and other non-profit partners.

SPARC relies on volunteers, partnerships with local government and faith-based organizations, public contributions, foundation grants, and fundraising for financial sustainability. Please visit SPARC at

So, take a break from the kitchen and enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast prepared by the Knights, with your free-will donations helping support a most worthy cause! You mighty even bring along your friends and usual, all are welcome at our parish meals.