Ultrasound Initiative

The Family of Man Council, teaming with the SJN Pro-Life Ministry, has decided to raise money to purchase an advanced ultrasound machine for the Divine Mercy Care/Tepeyac OB/GYN Clinic in Fairfax, VA. The Tepeyac clinic has been providing quality, life-affirming care for women and the unborn for over 25 years and the Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Arlington has certified that it follows Catholic moral and ethical principles.

The K of C Ultrasound Program has approved this Initiative and Supreme will donate half of the needed funds when we reach our goal. The goal is to raise $18,000 within the next 90 days.

We have contacted 10 other councils and invited them to join us in this effort & many have responded positively. Additionally, we have scheduled a fund drive to take place after each Mass on April 27 – 28 and have designated this Initiative the recipient for the Charity Breakfast on June 2nd.

Further, the SJN Pro-Life Ministry will donate the proceeds from the Mother’s Day Carnation Sale on May 12th to the Ultrasound Initiative.

Brothers wishing to make a donation may do so at any time by making a check out to “Family of Man Council #7566” and putting “Ultrasound” on the memo line. Checks may be mailed to Family of Man Council #7566, c/o St. John Neumann Parish, 11900 Lawyers Road, Reston, VA 20191.