Charity Breakfast for the DeSales Center

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The Family of Man Council hosted our monthly Charity Breakfast on March 6, 2022. The funds raised from the breakfast will support the DeSales Center of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in Childs, Maryland.

If you drive north on I-95, just before you reach the Maryland-Delaware Line, you can see a large white building on a hill overlooking the highway; below it is a statue of the Blessed Virgin: Our Lady of the Highways. What is now known as the DeSales Center was once the novitiate of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales; today, the older building is a retirement residence and, behind it, is Annecy Hall, a modern assisted care facility for aged or infirm Oblates. Annecy was designed so that Oblates who need ongoing medical assistance could receive the medical care they need while remaining in the community with their Oblate brothers; our own Father Bill Dougherty is one of the residents. Together, the two facilities constitute the DeSales Centre, and much of the fund-raising efforts of the Wilmington-Philadelphia province of the Oblates support these facilities.

Father Paul Colloton, OSFS, the Assistant Superior of the De Sales Centre Oblate Residence, spoke to the breakfast participants to thank everyone for supporting the center and passing along the best wishes from Fr. Dougherty to everyone at the parish.

Grand Knight John Moran introducing Fr. Colloton

Fr. Paul Colloton, Assistant Superior - De Sales Centre Oblate Residence, Childs, MD

Fr Colloton speaking to the breakfast attendees

Getting Breakfast