May 2022 Charity Breakfast

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The Family of Man Council held our May 1, 2022, Charity Breakfast to support the Stroke Comeback Center in Reston, VA.  

The Stroke Comeback Center is a community of survivors of stroke and other brain trauma committed to living successful and productive lives. They are a non-profit organization that offers support along the slow road to better. Their members, professionals, volunteers, coaches, and families know that recovery continues forever. The Stroke Comeback Center is the only center of this kind in the Washington, DC, area. To learn more about this organization, please visit their website

DGK Joseph Skowronski introduced Suzanne Coyle, the Executive Director of the Stroke Comeback Center, who spoke to the audience about the importance of early detection of stroke symptoms and the Center's goal to assist survivors and their families by offering a path that allows them to re-engage in life. 


Stroke Comeback Center banner

Joe Skowronski and Suzanne Coyle

Suzanne Coyle