Family of Man Council Selects the Knight and Family of the Year

During the Officers’ Installation and Past Grand Knight Recognition dinner on July 19, 2022, Past Grand Knight John Moran recognized Past Grand Knight David Donnelly as the Knight of the Year and Lynne and John Giordano as the Family of the Year for the fraternal year 2021-2022.

Dave Donnelly served as one of the Brother Chefs for several projects during the year, including our monthly charity breakfasts, an Italian dinner that raised over $2,000 for Fr. Tom Hagan’s Hands Together – Haiti program, prepared the Mardi Gras dinner that helped raise more than $3,000 for the teen Work Camp, twelve dinners for our monthly socials, and took on a new mission. In addition to being our Lead Chef for many of these projects, Dave ran our Keep Christ in Christmas card sales and accepted the duties of the Family Programs Director position. For his enormous contributions to the Council’s many successes, the Council recognized PGK Dave Donnelly as our Knight of the Year.

John Giordano took on the previously unfilled Public Affairs Director role, communicating to the parish and the community that the Council was “back in business” in the post-COVID period. His dedication and proactive execution of those duties significantly increased the visibility of the Council and our many activities in the parish bulletin, in pulpit announcements and social media, and on the council website. This greater visibility and more effective communication promoted council growth and helped increase both attendance and donations at our various charitable fundraising events. In addition to his webmaster and public affairs duties, John and his wife, Lynne, worked at the Oblates’ Live Jesus event and supported our monthly charity breakfasts and other Council and parish activities. For their contributions to the life of our parish in the past year, the Giordano’s were chosen as our Council’s Family of the Year.