Family of the Month June 2022 - Tom and Kathy Graziano

Kathy And Tom Graziano, with Their Granddaughter Blair
Kathy And Tom Graziano, with Their Granddaughter Blair

The Family of Man Council 7566 of the Knights of Columbus selected Dr Tom and Kathy Graziano as our Family of the Month for June 2022.

Since 2014 Tom has supervised the operations of our monthly Charity Breakfasts. The June Breakfast was also his last, as Tom and Kathy are preparing to move to a new home they are building in Winchester, Va.

Tom joined the Knights in 1990, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle. Not long after becoming a Family of Man Council member, he began his involvement with the Council's charity breakfasts. Tom would identify and purchase the food needed for the breakfast. By 2014 Tom became the Head Chef for the breakfasts. During Tom's tenure as Head Chef, he managed 59 charity breakfasts supporting 48 different Charities and raised over $145,000 from free-will donations from the breakfast attendees. Between prep time, cooking time, and serving breakfast, Tom racked up over 1,000 individual hours supporting our Charity Breakfasts.

Kathy taught at Oakton High School. She served as a Religious Education instructor at SJN and prepared meals for the annual Hypothermia Week project at SJN for the homeless in the Reston area. Both Tom and Kathy have supported the Virginia Knights KOVAR campaign to serve people with intellectual disabilities. 

Tom and Kathy have two grown sons, Matthew and Mark, and a granddaughter Blair (with another grandchild on the way). 

We wish Tom and Kathy all the best as they prepare for their next phase in their life journey.